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Gravstein PG heart 12-----please email us , what would you like to write in the stone like text , decoration , stone color . so we will make designs in the computer and send you design for confirmation. --- our prices are based on estonia , if you want we can transport tombstone or install in cemetery in a small cost (1) We will start working on your order when we have received at least 50% of order amount--(2) balance payment within 7 days , after stone is ready as you wanted . You can buy the stone by paying through a bank-- Our bank details, Company name - Asia House OÜ. company address - mahla 64 , tallinn ,Estonia. account number. EE4810220073252011, Bank name-SEB Eesti, bank code - EEUHEE2X


Dette produktet ble lagt inn i vår katalog Saturday 30 June, 2012.